How My Dad Changed Because of FTD

My name is Crystal and I am 11 years old. When I was 8 my mom told me I could go jump rope in the garage because it was raining. But my dad didn’t like that idea for some reason, maybe because he was scared I would hurt myself. But I didn’t understand because I didn’t see any way that I could possibly hurt myself and Mom said I could. Dad came in to the garage yelling at me and told to me stop jumping. I told him Mommy said it was okay and that I wanted to jump inside because it was raining. He got mad and kicked a bucket of empty diet coke cans across the garage, and then he turned around and slammed the door and I heard a locking noise. I ran to the door and tried to open it and realized he had locked it.

I sat down and cried and tried to figure out how to get out for about 10 minutes.Then I remembered how my mom pushed a button in her car to make the garage door open. Fortunately, the car was unlocked and I pressed the button and the door started opening. I ran out not even bothering to close it. I ran to the front door in tears and rang the door bell. My mom answered the door and heard me crying and asked me what happened. I told her that Daddy locked me in the garage because he was mad at me. She explained my dad was not the one doing those things to me, that it was the FTD. As you can see FTD can make people do crazy things they would never do unless they were sick.