Activities Change

19Even when someone at home has FTD your family can still do things you like to do. You may just have to do them differently.


Adjusting and planning ahead

Does your family like to play board games or sports? Maybe you like to go out for pizza or go on trips together? If FTD has made doing those things harder, make little adjustments to the activity to make it possible to still have fun together. For example, some families choose to eat in restaurants that aren’t so noisy, or they play games without being so careful about the rules. Others have found it is good to plan a trip so meals or a favorite activity happen at the regular time for the person with FTD.

Even though FTD creates lots of challenges, it’s important to make sure you still have fun. Pick a few special activities to do with your family.  Talk together about how to build them into the schedule. Having fun things to look forward to can help you get through the tough times.

Leaving them home

A time will come when it may be better NOT to include the person with FTD in your family activities. That is a very tough decision but it can be better for everyone, including the person with FTD. It may be hard on the person with FTD to be at big social gatherings like parties or school plays. The noise and confusion can make them feel more upset or make it harder for them to communicate. You may feel embarrassed by the person’s behavior and that is an important factor, too.

Pitching in

When someone at home has FTD, it usually means everyone needs to pitch in a little more to make things run smoothly. YOU can do small things that make a big difference. Can you wake up 5 or 10 minutes earlier to help out before school? Can you make your lunch, or feed the dog? Now more than ever your family needs to work together. YOU can be the Super Hero who plays an important part in making this team a success!

It is normal to have many different feelings about the changes in your family.  Lots of kids find it helpful to express their feelings through games, art, music, writing or sports. For more on feelings, see Feelings  or click here to check out some of the stories and art other kids have created.

20When Mom went back to work and Dad started staying home, I had to start making lunches and doing laundry. Connor began taking out the trash and walking the dog. Some mornings we help our dad figure out what to wear or what to take out of the fridge to make a sandwich. It definitely is NOT easy but it feels good knowing that the things we do to help make a big difference.