Sophie and Connor’s Q&A


Here are a few of the questions Sophie and Connor are asked most frequently and the answers they like to give. After reading through Sophie and Connor’s list it might be helpful to make one of your own. It can make it a little easier the next time someone asks you a question that can be hard to answer.

Q How come your dad doesn’t come with your mom to the school plays anymore? He used to always come and take pictures.
A Yeah, he wishes he could, but he has a disease that makes it hard for him to come now. If he weren’t sick, he would be at all our plays.

Q How come your dad never drops you off at soccer practice? My dad always brings me and doesn’t miss a single game.
A My dad wishes he could come to the games because he loves watching us but he is really sick and it’s hard for him to sit outside now and watch me.

Q What’s wrong with your dad? He’s acting funny.
A He does silly things because he has a disease. His brain doesn’t work like it used to.

Q When will he get better?
A Mom says he won’t get better. This makes Connor and me sad but we just try to spend as much time with him as we can.

Q Aren’t you afraid you’ll get it, too?
A No. He can’t pass it to you or me like if he had a cold or the flu.

Q How come you always want to play at our house now and we never go to your house anymore?
A Our dad has a disease that makes him act different from before. You can play at our house if that doesn’t bother you. You just have to know that he can’t help it if he says or does stuff parents don’t usually do.

Q It’s really crummy that your dad is sick. What can we do to help?
A Thanks. Going to school and doing the things we have always done with friends helps us feel that lots of things are still normal. The best thing you can do is help me have fun, and maybe understand that I may have more sad feelings than I used to.

Q Do you still do stuff with your dad?
A Yes we do. Even though there are lots of things we can’t do with him anymore, we still like to sit with him and watch TV and he likes to watch us play board games together.

Q My mom wants to know if there is anything we can do to help your mom.  We don’t see her as much as we used to, and when we do she looks tired and sad.
A Thanks. Mom is the person who usually helps other people when they need something so it’s hard for her to ask for help.  Maybe you could come over to my house with your dad.  Your dad could sit with my dad, we could play, and our moms could go out for coffee and talk!