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We really hope you like visiting the AFTD Kids and Teens website. Come back and visit us often!

Sophie and I know how hard it can be when someone you love has FTD. We feel like FTD Super Heroes because we can share what we have learned with you and other kids. It has it made a big difference for us. Did you know you could be a Super Hero to somebody too? 

Do you have an idea that helps you to deal with all the changes at home? Have you written or drawn something that expresses the feelings you have? Send us a Story or Poem you wrote or scan a picture of your Artwork and send that to us too.

Do you have an idea for how to Make Memories together? Send that along. Tell us something you’ve done to help other people understand about FTD or how you have Raised Awareness of FTD.  If you have a new or exciting idea, we’ll follow-up with you and get you on the site!

Send your ideas for building this website to AFTD. With everyone’s help AFTD Kids and Teens will keep on growing, just like you!

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