12Making Memories Together 

We made a Memory Book for our dad and gave it to him as a gift. We put in pictures of our family and of us as babies. We added drawings and poems that we had written, too. We like to pull the book out when it’s quiet and we can look through it with Dad. He likes to show it off to people who come to visit. Making the book and sharing fun memories make us smile!

Sophie and Connor’s Memory Book has brought a lot of happiness to their family. They wanted to tell you a little more about how to make a Memory Book so you can make one for your family too.

What is a Memory Book? 

A Memory Book is a book filled with photographs, drawings, stories and poems you have written. You can put anything you want in a Memory Book.  It’s fun and creative.

Who is a Memory Book for? 

A Memory Book can be made for anyone you love but it is especially great for someone who has FTD.  When loved ones get sick with FTD they forget things and don’t laugh and play as much.  A Memory Book can help make them happy.

What kinds of things do you put in a Memory Book? 

You can put in photos, stories and drawings. Sophie and Connor especially like finding things to put in that help them remember what their dad was like before he got sick.

19Here are some examples of what they put in:

Photos: Baby pictures of both of them. A funny picture their dad took of them playing in a sandbox. Photos of their first day of school. Photos of when he and their mom got married. A photo of their house. Sophie’s favorite photo of the family on Christmas-with everyone wearing Santa hats! They keep adding photos to the book and write who is in the picture on a piece of paper and tape it to the picture. Their mom helps write captions for the pictures.

Drawings: Connor included a picture he drew of himself and his dad playing basketball together. Connor is on his dad’s shoulders and is throwing the ball into the hoop.

Poems: Sophie wrote a poem in school about her dad. It shows how much she misses playing with him and that she knows it’s not his fault. Her mom liked it so much that she told Sophie to put it in the Memory Book.

What kind of supplies do you need to make a Memory Book?

  • A photo album or scrapbook
  • Pictures, quotes, drawings, etc.  
  • Paper (various colors and sizes)
  • Markers
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon, glitter, or anything else to make the pages of your book interesting

There are no limits to how big, how small, or how colorful you can make your book. The key is to put in those things that bring the biggest smiles to your family’s faces and to keep adding on as you have new experiences and adventures.

More Ways to Make Memories

There are lots of ways to capture special times together. Maybe you want to be a filmmaker or writer.  Maybe you like to doodle. Anything creative can be a way to make memories. Try some of these:

Voice recordingsSophie Connor Videos

  • Have your mom or dad read a story to you and record their voices
  • Record your family singing together

Make a video

  • It could be of a special occasion like a birthday or holiday party, or just a fun day together in the park.  Make a short 1- to 2-minute video to capture it.

A Box of Treasures

  • Collect small treasures that remind you of your mom or dad and the fun things you have done together. Maybe it is a rock or seashell from a favorite vacation, a coin, or the ticket stubs from a movie or play you went to together. Decorate the box with pictures, fabric, colors or anything else that reminds you of your happy times together.

Write in a journal or keep an art journal

  • You may want to keep some memories private, just for you. Fill a blank book with short diary entries or sketches about your feelings or things you do with family and friends.

Send in YOUR ideas!

Do you have ideas for making memories together?  Send them in and let other kids know what helps you.  Click on the Ask a Question/ Contact Us form here.