19Family Changes

I always thought our family seemed pretty average but when we found out our dad had FTD so many things changed. Now, because of the disease, it seems like Dad is the kid and Connor and I are more like the grown-ups. It sometimes feels like we’re the strangest family in the world, but we still love and are there for each other.

Changes in your family

No other family is exactly like yours. Some families are big and some are small. Some like to laugh and joke, where others like to spend quiet time together. It doesn’t matter how many people are in your family or what you enjoy together. No matter what, YOU are an important part of the family.

FTD changes your life at home. Your healthy parent may be busier and give you more chores to do. It may be more difficult to arrange time with friends. Your family may have fewer fun times together. All these changes can be really tough.

Sophie and Connor feel like Super Heroes because they have learned new ways to handle the changes. They have grown stronger. You can grow stronger, too! You can read more about Sophie and Connor here. You can also read stories from real kids about how they handle the changes in their families. And remember – YOU are not in this alone!

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