Is There Medicine for FTD? 

There are medicines that can help people who have FTD to feel a little better and do more things. For example, some medicines will help the person stay calm and more in control of their feelings. Other medicines can help if someone is feeling sad or having a hard time remembering things.

These medicines work like aspirin when you have the flu. The aspirin makes your fever go down but does not cure the flu. Right now there are no medicines for FTD that will make it go away. Scientists are working hard on this and learn more all the time that will lead to treatments in the future.

If there are medicines in your house, remember, you should never take medicine yourself or give medicine to someone with FTD without permission from your healthy parent.

With FTD the best “medicine” is often the things a family does together to care for the person who is sick. There are many ways family, friends and doctors can help the person to do his best. Showing love can be great medicine, too, even though having a sick brain can make it hard for them to show you their love in return. 


It can be really frustrating at times because there isn’t any medicine to make FTD go away – and we wish there was. We know that the more we teach people about FTD the more support there will be for the scientists and doctors who are working hard to develop medicines for FTD. You can help too! Kids are doing a lot to raise awareness of FTD.