Raise Awareness

Stand up, speak up, and make a difference

Hope starts with you! There are a lot of people who have never heard of FTD, and better awareness is the key to everything: understanding for people diagnosed and their families, access to services and funding for research. You can make a difference. Stand up and let your voice be heard.

Things you can do 

There are many ways you can make a difference and build awareness. You raise awareness of FTD every time you tell someone about the disease affecting your family. Others will take notice of your experience and want to learn more.

  • Mail or hand out an informational pamphlet on FTD to family members, friends, teachers, neighbors or people in your community.
  • Choose FTD as the topic for a school project.
  • Organize or host a fundraiser and help raise money which can be donated to an organization that funds FTD research and services like The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration (AFTD). Funds can help researchers learn more about the disease and expand support to people affected.
  • Write an article about FTD or share your story and have it published in your school or local community newspaper.

…And this is just a start.  There are so many other ways to get involved! We’d love to hear about your ideas for building awareness and raising funds to find a cure for FTD. Contact us!

Look at what other teens are doing.

You will find inspiration and great ideas for awareness and fundraising events in the What’s Happening section.  Check it out often to see what’s new.

You can lead others in making a change. You are a critical part of creating hope for the future!