Without Daddy


Daddy’s moving back in with us
But don’t get too excited
Because Daddy can’t stay very long.

Daddy can’t drive now
And Daddy can’t work
He wishes he could but he can’t.

And don’t you tell daddy
He can’t use the stove now
Because Daddy just wants to make eggs.

When Daddy gets angry
It’s not Daddy’s fault
Because he doesn’t know any better.

And Daddy’s still smart
But he can’t find his words now
So we can’t get angry with Daddy.

And always watch Daddy
When he starts to wander
Because Daddy can’t ever get lost.

Daddy can see things
That aren’t really there
And we need to help calm him down.

Daddy punches walls now
So he’s gonna move out
We can’t care for him anymore.

When we visit Daddy
We need to be patient
Because Daddy gets sad and confused.

Hug Daddy goodbye now
And don’t you look back
Because he’s gonna want to come with us.

Take Daddy’s hand now
And tell him you love him
Because Daddy won’t be here tomorrow.

Here’s Daddy’s chain
Wear it close to your heart
Because Daddy still loves us a lot.

The story is over
Or so you would think
Because everything ends with a smile.

But when you wake up
And you’re scared and you’re crying
Daddy won’t be there to hold you.

And when you miss Daddy
So much that it hurts
Daddy can’t make it all better.

Hold back your tears now
And hold your head high
Don’t let them see that you’re dying inside.

Don’t let them know
That the world. Your world
Will never be whole without Daddy.