The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration (AFTD) would like to thank the following for sharing the experiences and insights that shaped this website:

The AFTD Task Force on Families with Children
The AFTD Parents Support Group
All parents, children and teens who love someone with FTD.

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Lauren Becher                                  Caitlin Gardner
Theresa Brzezinski                            Olivia Goldring
Amy Eissler                                       Peggyann Kennedy
Greg Heller                                       Abby Klinedinst
Lily Matusiak                                    Joanna Klinedinst
Catherine Pace Savitsky                    Justin Peavey
Elaine Rose
Michele Van Son


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Olivia Goldring via Riverdale Country School 2012 Walk-a-Thon for Rachel
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